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NYC I Got Your 6 Fitness (aka IGY6 Fitness)is based in New York City centered around getting those who aspire to be, or are currently in the process of preparing to enter a civil service academy (FDNY Fire Academy, FDNY EMS Academy, NYPD Police Academy).


Through programming and classes taught by members of the service, we strive to put candidates in the position to not only make it through their respective academies, but to excel, succeed, and thrive. We want to help build the foundation for a long, healthy, and fulfilling career in the service.


Our program is centered around functional fitness, functional strength training, and metabolic conditioning that prepares candidates for the physical strain of academy PT, as well as the physical and mental strains that civil service careers carry.

Simply put, just going to the gym and lifting some weight is not going to get you ready for any one of the civil service academies. Plain and simple.

Its time for a change. A CHANGE OF MINDSET!


Our Facility, Our Home

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