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Week 7 In the Books!

Whats going on IGY6ers! So we finally were able to finish out week 7. Yes it rained crazy hard last Friday which caused a slight flood in the gym. It happens. Moving into our second month growth as been noticeable from our pool of athletes. As in stands now we have people from every branch of New York City Civil Service. FDNY, NYPD, FDNY EMS & Private EMS, and PAPD. We also have spouses and girlfriends of our first responders who actively participate in our class. Its been said before but to be a first responder it isn't just a job; its a lifestyle. Our families are also apart of that lifestyle and ultimately have to deal with us on our good, bad, and ugly days. So why not invite them to improve there healthy, well being, and psyche along side us as we train to be fit for duty. As hard as training can be its equal parts fun and also lets our loved ones in on what it takes and what we put our bodies through on a tour to tour basis. Week 8 Gets started this Thursday evening. Week 9 is programmed and ready to be attacked. Side note the 2018 CrossFit Games are live streaming on line at Those are the best of the best of CrossFit/Functional Fitness Athletes in the world. Just as they train their bodies as profressional athletes, so should we prepare our bodies to be PROFESSIONAL TACTICAL ATHLETES. On top of that its just fun to watch. In closing guys, be safe and aware.

- Chris Torres

Head Coach