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Whats Next! (Including this past weeks Workouts)

Happy Sunday from Brooklyn!

Whats going on everybody? Our 8th full week is done. Two months into this journey that we call NYC I Got Your 6. From an idea, to plan, to action. Its been an absolute privilege and an honor to work with those who are currently members of service to those aspiring to become Firefighters, Police Officers, EMTs, and Paramedics. Moving forward this section is going to be geared not only to my outlook and experiences in the fitness industry as well as my experience as a first responder but also as an informative section in regards to the benefits of maintaining health and wellness. Maybe the occasional rant. But I will do my best to keep it positive but also keep it as honest as possible.

A couple of updates! We have 5 Brand new Brute Force Sandbags enroute to CrossFit STEED. Odd object training and lifting mixed into our conditioning is as functional as it gets for tactical athletes and first responders. There are very few instances were we are moving weight that is evenly distributed. Moving weight that shifts falls in line with our ideology of creating stability through instability. By moving objects that redistribute weight due to gravity puts us in a position where our small and large muscle work together to create equilibrium. Our strength is the result of the creation balance and stability. Yes we also do work on traditional power and strength output but our key to strength and conditioning is the development of the core to extremity strength complex.

We finish Week 8's programming and we jump right into week 9. We will be introducing additional Olympic lifting components into our training. Stay safe always family!

- Chris