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Strength and Conditioning Week 41

IGY6 Week 41 - Day 1:


20 cosack squats (10 ea side) - 2 sec pause in bottom

:30 lizard pose into :30 worlds greatest stretch R

:30 lizard pose into :30 worlds greatest stretch L

:30 tall pigeon into :30 pigeon lay chest to knee

20 alternating scorpions - 10 ea side

10 cat/cow with 3 sec hold in each position


Back Squat

tempo 21x1;

reps: 5,5,4,4

17:00 clock

17 mins to warm up and complete your 4 tough sets

*Tempo is most important

- you may increase load ea set only if the tempo is perfect.


200 Foot Sandbag Bear Hug Walk - As Heavy As Possible


The Shield



Sandbag Hang Power Cleans

Front Squats

Day 2:


15m staggered step toe touch - alternating legs

15m toy soldier march

15 banded good mornings

30 sec banded hamstring stretch ea side

15 dynamic straddle stretch with 1 sec pause in pancake

30 sec half split (every wk try to split further)


Press Complex

Build up to a challenging of the Following

2 Strict Presses + 4 Push Presses @20x3 The movement starts with an eccentric decent.

Core Con-

Tabata Sit-Ups

Score Total Reps

Tabata Alternating V-Ups

Tabata Plank- Up Downs



Championship Strap

6 Rounds

10 Dumbell Push Presses Right Arm

10 Dumbell Push Presses Left Arm

8 DB OH Reverse Lunges Right Arm

8 DB OH Reverse Lunges Left Arm

:30 Rest

Day 3:

Warm - Up:

Mc Aleer Warm-Up

The Jobes + Hip Mobility

Strength: Movement Review and Progression. Emphasize the core engagement aspect.

Hang Power Clean + Front Squat + Hang Power Clean + Shoulder to Overhead


Tag Team Turmoil

15:00 AMRAP w/ A partner

25’ Sandbag Lunges

10 Sandbag Presses

10 Bag Back Squats

25’ Sandbag Back Rack Lunge

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